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Income Tax (Bidoche Musique)
July 29, 2016 04:42 AM PDT
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this sonic-theatre piece has nothing to do with income tax.

time: 3'00"

Nice Hoax (Bidoche Musique)
July 20, 2016 09:56 AM PDT
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False-flag terrorist attacks (where people get hurt) are hopefully a thing of the past. Today, we have the Hoax, a non-violent psychological operation having complicit media involvement. This hyper-realist poem covers the latest.

words/music : Joe Fleury

30'000 revelers watching the fireworks
when a phantom truck squashes eighty people
fake weapons and grenade on-board
add some spice to this human smorgasbord

how awkward when there’s no blood to be seen
and the cops didn’t blow out the tires
not one image in full HD
useless tourists
a bit like me
television coverage for the world to see
président hollande keeps frenchmen free

this may happen again

I just love a good hoax
everybody’s gonna be alright
they’re nearly always done at night
getting populations all in fright
life-jackets tied-up tight

designer dummies for the present
with smart robots in sight

Pilot (Bidoche Musique)
July 05, 2016 12:33 PM PDT
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a sonic-theatre piece on cosmic realities as related by a retired airline pilot.

Alien False Flag (Bidoche Musique)
June 21, 2016 03:18 AM PDT
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this sonic-theatre piece covers the illusion surrounding secretive government operations.

Flash (Bidoche Musique)
June 10, 2016 12:15 PM PDT
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a sonic-theatre piece on upcoming events ...

How Long? (Bidoche Musique)
May 27, 2016 05:44 AM PDT
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the clock is ticking: tick-tock

60-dollar Dope (Bidoche Musique)
April 04, 2016 06:29 AM PDT
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this sonic-theatre piece is on the kill or be killed attitude of certain police officers. Sometimes, it ends in tragedy.

Not Lovin' It (Bidoche Musique)
February 24, 2016 03:27 AM PST
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a sonic-theatre piece on the state of the world.

Messing (Bidoche Musique)
January 09, 2016 02:49 AM PST
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This sonic-theatre piece is on the subject of animal mutilations. It appears to be a planetary problem that like with other need-to-be-addressed issues, is being totally ignored by governments and media alike.

I wasn't convinced these were happening until someone I knew lost four goats to an unseen predator. Who or what is "messing with the kid"? A question on everyone's lips, no doubt.

How To Kill Humans (Bidoche Musique)
September 27, 2014 06:04 AM PDT
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I put out a video-art call and this is the first entry. The song was not made available to the visual artists who only had keywords at their disposal.

words, music : Bidoche Musique (Joe Fleury)
video presentation : Sherry Swiney

"there's the slow kill and the fast kill. Fluoride. Heavy Metals. GMO's*. Radiation. Fall-out. Fluoride in the water. Heavy metals in car exhaust. GMO's in your food. Chemtrails and radiation in the atmosphere. Wars will kill you big time.

Have you ever asked yourself why this is happening?
Who's out to get us?"

* GMO's = Genetically-Modified-Organisms.

The second entry (with Jessy Kendall) is available on YouTube:

time: 3'10"

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